Brentwood Park Real Estate

    Located behind Brentwood Mall which is under major revamping and is walking distance to Brentwood Skytrain station. Brentwood has a horseshoe-like grid with a centrally located park of the same name. Beecher Park west of Springer Avenue is a park with a stream running through it that joins Still Creek south of the Lougheed Highway and eventually flows into Burnaby Lake. It is called Beecher Creek, it provides habitat for local salmon species.

    Brentwood is approx 10 mins drive to Metrotown, 5 mins to Vancouver Eastside, 20 mins to Downtown, 20 mins to Coqutilam.

    Fun facts, a lot of streets in this neighbourhood ends with “lawn”, such as, Brentlawn, Highlawn, Fairlawn, Southlawn, Eastlawn, Westlawn, Northlawn.